60ml Spanish Brandy

1 tsp gomme syrup

3-4 tsp coffee beans

1 piece lemon peel

1 cinnamon stick

boiling water




1. Fill up a wide-mouthed tumbler with boiling water to the rim.


2. Put brandy, gomme syrup and coffee in a brandy glass.


3. Tip the brandy glass to a 45 degree angle and rest the glass on the tumbler so that the 'belly of the glass' is in contact with the boiling water. Twist until the whole brandy glass is hot.


4. Light the piece of lemon peel and put it inside the brandy glass - be careful it may flash back.


5. Once the alcohol has lit, add the cinnamon stick and keep twisting while it burns - about 45 seconds.


6. Pour into another, cold brandy glass and serve.



Caleta Blazer