Leite de Onça (Jaguar Milk)


Served: "Neat"; undiluted and without ice

Standard garnish: cinnamon or chocolate (optional)

Standard drinkware: mug (preferably a non-transparent one)


Commonly used ingredients:

1 part cachaça

1 part milk

1 part cocoa liqueur

1/2 part of condensed milk


Preparation: mix the condensed milk and the milk until they blend together. Add cachaça and let it rest. Add cocoa liqueur or when it's ready to serve

Leite de onça (Jaguar milk) is a cold Brazilian drink made of cachaça and milk. It is very sweet and has a very suave scent that evokes the homely atmosphere of a Festa Junina. It is not easy to replace the ingredients and achieve a similar result because its taste is very peculiar.


It is usually served cold, in plain mugs, without garnish (though often cinnamon or chocolate powder is sprinkled over) so that it looks like milk at a first glance.


Leite de Onca