These juicings can be drunk on their own as ice-chilled refreshers, or they can be used as fillers in gin or vodka based cocktails.


Summer Crush


4 chunks of watermelon

1 white peach, skinned and pureed

60 ml apple juice

10 ml lime juice


Muddle (mash) the watermelon and peach together, place in a cocktail shaker with some  crushed ice and the juices. Shake well and strain into a tall glass. If you don't have a  cocktail shaker then simply blend al the ingredients and strain into a glass with a sieve.


The Maljito


10 mint leaves

2 lime wedges

tsp brown sugar

splash of gomme syrup

50 ml cranberry juice

50 ml mango juice

1 passion fruit


Muddle limes, sugar and syrup. Add mint leaves and bruise leaves with a muddler. Add  crushed ice to fill 3/4 of a tall glass. Mix until sugar is dissolved. Add juices and passion fruit. Garnish with mint.


The Ipanema


Passion fruit nectar

Ginger ale

20 ml cane sugar syrup

Half a fresh lime

Half a passion fruit


Cut  half a fresh lime into quarters and muddle in a tall glass. Add crushed ice to fill 3/4 of  the glass. Add sugar syrup. Add equal measures of passion fruit nectar and ginger ale to fill the glass. Place in a scooped-out passion fruit on a slice of lime to garnish.


On The Edge


50 ml lychee juice


Juice of 1 fresh lime


Mix the fresh lime juice in with the lychee juice, pour over crushed ice and top with lemonade in a highball glass.


Kiwi Cooler


1 kiwi fruit (mashed)

30 ml apple juice

15 ml elderflower cordial

Cranberry juice


Combine the kiwi pulp, apple juice and elderflower cordial in a shaker or blender. Strain  over crushed ice in a tall glass and then top up with a small amount of cranberry juice.


Virgin Island Colada


1 lemon grass stick

6 fresh mint leaves

30 ml coconut cream

200 ml pineapple juice

5 pineapple rings

5 ml lime juice


Chop the lemon grass into one-inch pieces and put all the ingredients together in a blender with some crushed ice.

Serve in a large glass or (for that tropical feel) inside a scooped-out pineapple.


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