Lounge master’s journal

Hi cats! Hope you’re still grooving. I spent last night in my alchemist’s den (my own private bar at the top of my Midtown loft) cracking the ice-cubes and jiggling the pebble shaker. Cool Cat Lounge needed a new signature cocktail, something cool,

So that entailed something fiery. What? Milagro Select Barrel Reposado Tequila with an smidgeon of red-hot chili peppers. Just to counterbalance this fieriness I would pound a half-dozen mint leaves with my mortar and pestle and add it to the juice.  I still wasn’t sure about the rest so I played some xylophone smoothjazz on my surround-sound system and gazed at my wall paintings for inspiration. Then it came to me.

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original and distinctive that a late-evening customer could sip while listening to an Ambient nocturne. I was seeking something perhaps with high notes of mint, something exotic, perhaps with coconut milk, and something with zap, so perhaps a luxury tequila for a spirit base. I wanted something eye-catching in appearance and unforgettable in taste. The name came to me first:- Manhattan Firewater.

I pureed a mango, two kiwi fruits, two pepino fruits, a banana, and a hundred grams of blueberries in my blender. I shredded some red chili skins, and pulverised them with the mortar and pestle. Then I did the same to some mint leaves. I added this pulp to the fruit juice, and stirred with a swizzle stick. I strained the liquid into a Boston shaker, poured in four measures of tequila, one measure of Kahana Royale for a slightly nutty flavour, one measure of coconut milk, then topped it all up with lots of crushed ice and shook it for ten seconds.

I filled a Collins glass with my newly invented concoction and garnished it with a twist of orange rind and a wedge of lemon. Just the tasting remained. I sniffed it, took a sip and rolled it round my tongue, then pressed it against my top palate. Yes, it was firewater in the base notes, woody macadamia nut in the mid notes, and tangy mint in the top ones. I had created a new signature cocktail for the Lounge. So would the hip and groovy Cool Cats like it?

           Enjoy The Cool Sounds -
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