Turbo Express


½ small pineapple

½ stick celery

1 inch chunk of cucumber

1 small handful of spinach leaves

1 small piece of peeled lime

2 apples

½ ripe avocado

Ice cubes


Juice the pineapple, celery, cucumber, spinach, lime and apples. Place the ripe avocado flesh in a blender along with the ice and juice mixture. Blend until smooth. Pour into glass and enjoy.


Super Detox Juice


2 apples

½ cucumber

1 stick celery

1 small handful of spinach

Ice cubes

1 handful of mixed green leaves such as watercress, parsley or lettuce.


Juice the apples, cucumber, celery and spinach. Pour into blender, then add ice and Greens. Blend for about 1 minute or until smooth.


Passion  Juice Master


½ small pineapple

1 apple

½ banana

200g natural organic yoghurt

½ tsp spirulina


Juice the pineapple and apple and pour into blender or smoothie-maker with the banana, yoghurt and spirulina. Blend until smooth. If you don't like yoghurt (dairy or otherwise), use half a small pineapple instead.


Homemade Sherbet Lemonade


2 Golden Delicious apples

1/3 lemon, wax-free and with the rind on

2 ice cubes


Simply juice the apples and lemon and pour over ice - it really does taste like sherbet lemonade.


Hot ' n'  Spicy


3 apples

1 good pinch of cinnamon


Juice the apples and pour juice into a saucepan. Slowly heat but do not boil. When nice and hot, pour into a mug, add cinnamon and serve.


 Lemon / Ginger Zinger


2 carrots 2 apples

1 inch slice of lemon, wax-free, with rind left on

½ inch of fresh ginger

2 ice cubes


Simply juice all ingredients and pour into a glass over ice.



Super Chute Juice


2 apples

A small chunk of carrot

½ stick celery

1 large handful of mixed green leaves - watercress, kale, parsley, spinach or whatever other green leafy vegetables are available

1 inch chunk of cucumber

½ inch broccoli stem 1 small handful Alfalfa sprouts

½ inch slice unpeeled raw beetroot

½ inch slice courgette

1 small piece of lemon, preferably wax-free, with rind on

½ inch slice ginger

2 ice cubes


Juice all the ingredients. If you have a whole-fruit juicer, all you need to do is place one whole apple in the chute followed by all the other ingredients, finishing off with the other apple.


If you have a different type of juicer, feed in all the ingredients chopped into whatever size the machine will take. Pour over ice and enjoy.


Natural teas


Pour hot water over chunks of fresh fennel, lemon, lime or mint leaves for a cup of whichever tea you fancy. Fresh teas play a vital role in your 7 lbs in 7 Days programme because they help to get the digestion going in the morning and to calm it at night. Don't fully boil the water as it can deplete the vitamin content of your drink. The water should be hot, but not boiling.



Tropical Delight


Ingredients : you will need a blender


Four large oranges

One large ripe mango

One tin of pineapple juice in own juice or if possible, use a fresh pineapple fruit.




Slice the oranges in half and using a juicer squeeze the juice from the fruit. Scoop out the any remaining pulp and pour into the blending jug.


Using a plate to catch any runaway juice, slice the mango into chunks and add to the blender.Chop the pineapple into small chunks and add to the blender. If using a tin, add the fruit juice also. Add the ice cubes and blend for 30 seconds.


Serve immediately in a chilled class whilst the pineapple pulp is still cloudy.



Banana Milkshake




You will need a blender.


2 large ripe bananas (ones with a few black spots are best as they are sweetest)

1 pint of skimmed milk


Tea spoon of vanilla essence

Half tray of ice cubes

3 tablespoons of natural,  probiotic yoghurt

Tablespoon of honey




Chop the bananas and add to the blender.

Grate the desired amount of nutmeg into the blender and add ten drops of the vanilla essence. Add the honey, natural yoghurt and milk to the blending jug and whizz for 30 seconds. Add the ice cubes and blend for a further 30 seconds. Serve in a chilled glass.



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