Abisante - a pale green, anise flavoured liqueur


Absinthe - an alcohol containing wormwood


Acerola Pulp - the pulp of the Barbados cherry, a variety of sub -tropical plants which grow in the Caribbean and Texas


Advokaat - an eggnog liqueur originally from Holland


After Shock - a peppermint and cinnamon flavoured liqueur


Akvavit - from Scandinavia, made from rye with an infusion of caraway


Ale - a beer similar to lager, but with more of a bitter taste


Alize - a passion fruit flavoured liqueur


Amaretto - an almond -flavoured liqueur made from apricot pits


Anise; Anisette - licorice -flavoured liqueur made from anise seeds


Apple Brandy, Applejack - Brandy made from Apples


Apple Pucker - an apple -flavoured schnapps made by De Kuyper


Apricot liqueur - a cordial made from apricot pits


Armagnac - a brandy like cognac, but distilled only once and available in vintages





B and B - a dry blended liqueur made from Benedictine and old Cognac and produced in France


Banana Liqueur - a sweet liqueur made from bananas


Beer - an alcoholic beverage made from malted barley; flavoured with hops after fermentation


Benedictine - an herb liqueur made from a formula by the Benedictine Monks in France


Bitters - a sweet to dry flavoured drink made from aromatic plants, usually spirit -based; considered an aperitif


Blackberry Liqueur - a cordial made from blackberries


Blended Whiskey - a combination of different whiskeys that have been combined in casks


Blue Curacao - a liqueur made from white Curacao and blue colouring


Bourbon - a brown liquor made from at least 51% corn and aged for at least two years in white oak casks


Brandy - a single distillate or a mixture of distillates obtained from wine or the fermented juice of fruit






Cabernet - a type of red wine, high in tannin and medium to full bodied with a distinctive flavour of black currant (Cabernet Sauvignon)


Campari - a bright red type of orange bitters named after its Italian inventor


Canadian Whiskey - a liquor made from corn, rye, and barley; always blended and usually aged for six or more years in oak casks


Cappuccino - a coffee with frothy milk on top, sprinkled with cinnamon and grated chocolate


Chambord - a French liqueur made from small black raspberries


Chambraise - a French liqueur made from small strawberries


Chartreuse - an herb -based cordial that comes in either yellow or green varieties; created by Carthusian monks in France in the early 17th century


Chaser - a mild drink, such as beer, taken after a hard liquor


Cider - an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of apple juice


Cognac - a fine brandy from the Cognac region in France


Cointreau - a high -quality orange -flavoured liqueur made from the skins of Curacao oranges; the generic term is Curacao which if redistilled clear is called triple sec


Cooler - a drink made with wine or another spirit and a carbonated mixer


Cordials - sweetened spirits distilled from fruits, seeds, herbs and peels; also known as liqueurs


Cream of Coconut - a coconut syrup used in many exotic drinks, especially Pina Coladas


Creme Liqueurs - a group of liqueurs with a high sugar content with a consistency of cream


Curacao - a delicate orange - flavoured liqueur



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