Daktari - a delicious liqueur based on ripe bananas and exotic fruits.


Drambuie - a Scottish liqueur that is a concoction of Scotch, heather honey and herbs.


Dubonnet - see vermouth.





Eau de Vie - all spirits distilled from fermented fruits, starting with wine-based Cognac and armagnac.





Falernum - a tasty West Indian syrup made from almonds and spices.


Fernandes - a brand of rum distilled in Trinidad.


Fino sherry - a pale, very dry Spanish sherry.


Fior d' Alpi - a liqueur that is flavoured with Alpine flowers and herbs. Name means "Alpine Flowers".


Frangelico - an Italian liqueur flavoured with hazelnuts and herbs.





Galliano - a sweet Italian liqueur that is based on up to 80 herbs, roots, berries, and flowers from the Alpine slopes to the north of Italy. Flavourings include anise, licorice, and vanilla.


Glayva - a Scotch-based liqueur that is flavoured with heather honey, orange peel, and various herbs.


Goldwasser - a sweet colourless liqueur that is based on the drink kummel and to which gold specks are added.


Grand Marnier - a sweet Cognac-based liqueur that is flavoured with oranges.


Grappa - an Italian brandy made from distilling grape skins that remain after wine production.


Grenadine - a thick, red syrup used in cocktails, traditionally made from pomegranate juice





Harveys Bristol Cream - well known blend of old olorosos, finos and amontillados sweetened with Pedro Ximenez, this amber-coloured sherry has smoky orange rind and caramel aromas, with flavours of vanilla bean, toasted caramel and toffee.





Irish whiskey - whiskey made in Ireland, often produced using barley.






Kahlua - a coffee-flavoured liqueur. Counterpart is Tia Maria.


KeKe Beach - a key lime liqueur.


Klipdrift brandy - South African brandy.


Kummel - a sweet liqueur that is flavoured with caraway seeds.


Kwai Feh - a  lychee-flavoured liqueur.





Liqueur - a class of spirit that is usually sweet and often served after dinner. It is produced by either mixing or redistilling spirits with natural ingredients such as fruits, plants, flowers, or chocolate. Sugar must be at least 2½% of the contents by weight.


Lillet - an aperitif wine produced from a blend of Bordeaux wines, enhanced by liqueurs.


Lillet Blond (Blanc) - an aperitif wine that has subtle flavours of honey, orange, lime, and mint.


Lillet Rouge - an aperitif wine that is spicy and flavoured with essences of vanilla and berries.


Liqueur Okolehao - Liqueur Okolehao is made with aged whiskey, tropical flavours and the ancient and revered Hawaiian Ti Root plant.


L'ush Creamed Vodka - vodka flavoured with cream soda.





Madeira - a wine resembling sherry traditionally produced in the Madeira Islands, a chain of 8 islands off the northwest coast of Africa.


Mokatika - coffee liqueur.


Malibu - a white rum-based liqueur which is flavoured with coconut.


Mandarine Napoleon - a French brandy-based liqueur that is flavoured with tangerine skins. Grand Marnier is widely preferred to Mandarine Napoleon.


Maraschino Liqueur - a cordial distilled from a bitter wild cherry called the marasca.


Metaxa - popular Greek brandy (made mainly from the Savatiano and Muscat grapes).


Midori Melon - a sweet and syrupy melon liqueur that comes in a green bottle. It is close to banana in both taste and aroma. It is the most popular melon liqueur.



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