Espresso Recipes

Water between 88 and 92ºC. (190-197ºF.) is forced under 8 - 10 Bar (atmospheres) of pressure through 6- 9 grams of finely ground coffee so that 1 to 2 fluid oz. of brew are delivered into a small cup in 18 - 25 seconds. Espresso is usually served in a "demitasse". Demitasse means "half cup" in French and generally has the capacity for holding 3 oz. of liquid.

Basic Espresso : A single shot (approximately 1 to 1-1/2 oz of espresso). The Italian tradition is to ceremoniously drink the espresso "solo" in a single gulp to enjoy the fullest espresso flavour while the beverage is at its peak of freshness. It is  rather common in Italy to add sugar to the espresso. Italian aficionados will tell you that the true test of a superb espresso is that the sugar must be able to sit on the surface of the crema for 30 seconds before sinking!

Espresso Ristretto : Use the same preparation method as a basic espresso except dispense only 1 oz. (or less) water through the espresso grounds with an extraction time of 18-20 seconds. Ideally, the grind is adjusted slightly finer; however the slow extraction can be accomplished by tamping or pressing the coffee with extra pressure. This process yields an intense espresso flavour.

Doppio : A double shot of espresso. (Doppio means double in Italian).

Espresso Lungo : A single serving of espresso, "pulled long" to yield a larger serving. Dispense 2 to 3 oz of water through the espresso grounds with a longer extraction time of 25 - 40 seconds.

Americano : To one shot of espresso add hot water to make a full 6-8 oz. cup. Unlike traditional espresso, this beverage is often consumed in the "American style" with milk and/or sugar.

Espresso Con Panna : A single espresso topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Espresso Macchiato : A single serving of espresso topped with a dollop of frothed milk.

Espresso Breve : A single shot of espresso with heated half & half milk added.

Espresso Romano :Make the basic espresso and serve with a twist or slice of lemon. Although this presentation is often thought to be Italian, Italians refuse to claim this tradition as their own. Many coffee aficionados believe the lemon interferes with the espresso's delicate flavour balance.

Espresso Cubano : Double short shots brewed with raw sugar.

Traditional Granita : Espresso that has been frozen and crushed. Adding sugar to the espresso before it is frozen prevents "solid freezing", hence the "granularity". Served in a cup with a spoon.

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