Beefeater - first produced in 1820

BOLS - Damrak Amsterdam - Dutch jenever

Bombay Sapphire - distilled with ten botanicals

Boodles British Gin

Booth's - first produced in 1790 by Sir Felix Booth

Bulldog Gin - infused with Poppy and Dragon Eye

Citadelle Gin.

Ginebra San Miguel - produced in the Philippines

Gordon's - "by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain"

Hendrick's Gin - infused with cucumber, coriander, citrus peel and rose petals.

Junípero Gin - made by Anchor Distilling Co. in San Francisco.

Martin Miller's Gin - London dry gin

Plymouth - first distilled in 1793

Seagram's Gin

South Gin - from New Zealand using New Zealand-native manuka berries and kawa kawa leaves



Uganda Waragi - triple distilled Ugandan Gin

Whitley Neill Gin - Small batch Super-premium gin distilled with Baobab fruit and Cape Gooseberries

Brands of Gin
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Bombay Sapphire


Style - London Dry



Almonds, Lemons, Licorice root, Juniper berries, Orris root, Angelica,Coriander, Cassia bark, Cubeb berries, African Grains of Paradise


Tasting notes

Balanced. smooth, gentle

No one botanical overpowers the other. There is a balance of citrus, earthiness, and peppery flavours from the various botanicals.



Unlike some lower quality gins that boil the botanicals in with the spirit, the Bombay Sapphire spirit is distilled alone. This clear, natural grain spirit is triple distilled and heated up until it turns into a vapour. This vapour then passes through a copper basket with the ten chosen botanicals, allowing each delicate flavour and aroma to be fully absorbed into the spirit. The vapour is then slowly condensed, turned back into the liquid and received into a spirit safe as Bombay Sapphire. At this point the gin is blended with pure water from Lake Vyrnwy in Wales and bottled.


Bulldog Gin


Style - London Dry



Dragon Eye, Poppy, Lotus Leaves, Lemon, Almond, Cassia, Licorice, Angelica, Coriander, Juniper berries


Tasting notes

Exotic and aggressive

Aromatic and pleasing to the palate. Very clean and dry with juniper and a crisp citrus finish.



Bulldog gin is handcrafted in London and quadruple distilled, using traditional pot stills. The gin is passed through a condenser and liquefied to produce the natural and unmistakable essence of this ultra-premium spirit. Infused with the taste and aromas of its exotic botanicals (natural poppy, Dragon Eye, Lotus Leaves), Bulldog is ultra-refined and doesn't bite like those harsh, old gins.


DH Krahn


Style - London Dry



Juniper berries, Coriander seed, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit and Ginger


Tasting notes

DH Krahn provides sweet, mild botanical aromas and subtle light notes of citrus and juniper. The taste is crisp, light and smooth.



It is the still on which DH Krahn is produced that sets it apart from other gins. DH Krahn uses a custom made Stupfler System Alambic Still, recognised as the highest quality among stills. This direct fired, all copper, Alambic is capable of producing spirits which, directly from the still and only after a single pass of distilling, possesses the mouthfeel and quality of a spirit aged 3-5 years.

The single distillation process is unique among the world's gins. By avoiding multiple distillations in favour of a single pass, the master distiller preserves the delicate aromas and essential oils of the botanicals. Once Macerated and then distilled the batches rest in steel barrels for a least three months to develop the smooth mellowness that further distinguishes DH Krahn.


Juniper Green


Style - London Dry



Organic Juniper Berries, Organic Coriander, Organic Angelica Root, Organic Savory


Tasting notes

Juniper Green has the aroma of a classic London Dry gin with the scent of dry spices and juniper.The taste is one of balanced botanicals and a refreshing finish.



Juniper Green Organic Gin is distilled at Thames Distillery in Central London. Thames is now the only gin distillery which both distils and bottles in London. The distinguishing feature of  Juniper Green is not as much the distillation process, as the organic nature of the ingredients.

Organic grain creates fine alcohol naturally because it has a better biological cell structure than grain grown with chemical fertilisers. No chemical fungicides are used to assist in the storage of Organic Grain resulting in natural micro-organisms which aid deep fermentation.

As a result Juniper Green has a smooth clean spirit which is the perfect foundation for the world's first Organic Gin. Juniper Green is a 100% organic gin, all the ingredients are USDA certified organic, British Soil Association Certificate, and CCF  certified. It is made with demineralised water and organic grain spirits.




Style - London Dry



Juniper berries, Clove, Cassia, Iris, Orange peel, Coriander, Cinnamon, Licorice, Grains of Paradise, Nutmeg, Cardonom


Tasting notes

Magellan has a light, floral bouquet, laced with the aromas of citrus and spice. The palate is smooth and balanced with a wonderful array of flavours providing a crisp, cool finish.



Magellan is distilled four times in small batches using fresh, exotic botanicals from around the globe. The process begins with the fermentation of Capet, a rich wheat grain from the Beauce Valley, and crisp spring water drawn from the Gensac spring in the Cognac region. The water is naturally filtered through Grande Champagne limestone and then naturally demineralized for the appropriate soft, crisp and smooth taste. The wheat and water mash is then triple distilled by hand, sequentially, yielding a smooth, clean neutral spirit prepared for the finest botanicals and meticulous production mehods ahead. Each of the botanicals is picked at the peak of ripeness and immediately sun dried. After triple distillation, the head of the small artisinal copper pot still is opened. The juniper berries and botanicals, wrapped in a special cloth, are added to the neutral spirit and redistilled a fourth time.

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