Other Liqueurs

Advocaat (egg yolks and vanilla)

Aftershock (several varieties, most popular of which is cinnamon)


Bärenjäger (honey)

Cynar (artichoke and other herbs and plants)

Damiana (herb of the same name)

Génépi (alpine flower of the same name)

Izarra (numerous herbs and other flavourings)

Licor de oro (whey, saffron and lemon peel)

Kajmir (vanilla, brandy, and vodka)

Patxaran (sloe berries, coffee beans, and vanilla pod)

Pimento (not the peppers stuffed into olives, but Allspice. Made in Jamaica by Wray and Nephews)

Qi (lapsang souchong tea, fruits, spices, and Chardonnay brandy)

Qi White (orange, ginger, clove, other herbs and spices, and white tea)

Rumpleminze (peppermint)

Sabra liqueur (dark chocolate and Sabra oranges)

Salmiakki Koskenkorva (Salmiakkikossu, salmari) (salmiakki – Originally Turkish Pepper salty licorice)

Southern Comfort (neutral grain spirits with whiskey, peach, orange and spice flavourings)


St. Germain (elderflower)

Tuaca (brandy, vanilla, and citrus)

Vana Tallinn (rum, citrus oil, vanilla, cinnamon, and other spices)

Y Chilli (cinnamon, chili peppers, and other ingredients)