MOCHACCINO : A single shot of espresso mixed to taste with chocolate syrup or powder and 5 oz. steamed milk. Top with peaked milk foam.

CAFE MOCHA : A single espresso poured into a tall glass filled with steamed milk to which a spoonful of chocolate syrup is added. Top with whipped cream and garnish with chocolate flakes.

ICED CAPPUCCINO : Pour one shot of freshly brewed espresso over ice and add 3 oz. cold milk. Espresso looses its flavour quite rapidly therefore, using ¬prepared espresso is not recommended. Spoon foamed milk on top to create a layer of foam. Sweeten to taste.

NIENTA : (or a Why Bother) Decaffeinated cappuccino with nonfat milk.

ESPRESSO LACHINO : (aka a Wet Cappuccino) Espresso topped with approx. 50/50 foamed milk and steamed milk.

CAFE CONQUISTADOR : Cappuccino with 1 oz. of Kahlua™ topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

CAPPUCCINO ROYALE : Make a basic cappuccino. Add 1 oz. of liqueur of your choice (the favourites include Grand Marnier™, Frangelico™, Amaretto™, or any chocolate based liqueur). Top with whipped cream.

ESPRESSO ANISE : Espresso with a touch of anisette syrup.

FLAVOURED LATTE : A latte made with flavour added to it. The most popular flavours are almond, hazelnut and vanilla yet flavours such as coconut, raspberry and caramel are also used.

LATTE ROYALE : Basic Latte with 1 oz. of fruit-flavoured liqueur, topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

CAFE NAPOLEON : Cappuccino with 1 oz. of cognac topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

CAFE YUCATAN : Espresso with 1 oz. creme de cacao, topped with whipped cream, nutmeg and an orange peel.

CAFE HELENE : Espresso with 1 oz. brandy and one teaspoon of sugar added. Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

BON BON : Cappuccino with 1 oz. chocolate mint liqueur topped with whipped cream, shaved white chocolate and a maraschino cherry.

AFFOGATTO : Vanilla Gelato or ice cream "drowned" in espresso. A simple, tasty dessert.

IGLOO ESPRESSO : A single espresso with sugar and ice blended at very high speed and topped with whipped cream.

CAPPUCCINO CIOCOLOCINO : Regular cappuccino topped with vanilla, chocolate or coffee ice cream.

CAFE CORRETTO : Traditionally made with espresso and Grappa - however can be made with any liqueur.


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