Alpenbitter (from Switzerland)

 Amaro Cora (from Italy)

 Amaro Erbes (from Italy)

 Amaro Jannamico (from Italy)

 Amaro Lucano (similar to Unicum but only 30% alcohol rather than 40% from Italy)

 Amaro Montenegro (from Italy)

 Amer Picon (from France)

 Amaro Quintessentia

 Angostura Bitters (from Trinidad and Tobago)

 Angostura Orange Bitters (from Trinidad and Tobago)

 Aperol (orange, less bitter than Campari, from Italy)

 Araucano (From Chile)

 Averna (from Italy)

 Becherovka (from Czech Republic)

 Beerenburg (from the Netherlands)

 Boonekamp's (various brands from the Netherlands, its country of origin, and from Germany)

 Borsci San Marzano

 Cappellano Chinato (from Italy)

 Campari (from Italy)

 Carpano Antica

 Carpano Punt e Mes

 Cio Ciare (from Italy)

 Cocchi Chinato (from Italy)

 Cock Drops (from Cyprus)

 Collins Orange (US)

 Cynar (artichoke based liqueur from Italy)

 Dimitri (from Costa Rica)

 Martini & Rossi ChinaMartini (from Italy)

Fee Brothers bitters (aromatic, orange, mint, lemon and peach), from Rochester, New York; the aromatic bitters contain Angostura bark

Echt Stonsdorfer (originally from Silesia now made in Germany, imitations from other German producers available under the name Stonsdorfer)

 Fernet Branca (from Italy)

 Fernet Stock (from the Czech Republic)

 Gammel Dansk (from Denmark)

 Hermes Orange

 Hermes Regular

 Hoppe Orange (from Holland)

 Jägermeister (from Germany)


 Kuemmerling (from Germany)

 Luxardo Amaro

 Luxardo Bitters (somewhat similar to Campari)

 Luxardo Fernet

 Marcarini Chinato


 Mint bitters

 Nardini Amaro

 Nijmeegs Neutje, a kruidenbitter available only in Nijmegen (in the Netherlands)

 Orange bitters

 Par-D-Schatz (from Germany)

 Peach bitters

 Peychaud's Bitters (from Louisiana, United States)

 Pimm's No. 1

 Quinquina (from France, originally from South America)

 Ramazzotti (from Italy)

 Ratzeputz (from Germany)

 Regans' Orange Bitters No.6 (Gary Regan's recipe)

 Riemerschmid Angostra (from Germany)

 Riga Black Balsam (from Latvia)

 Santa Maria al Monte Amaro (from Italy)

 Schrobbeler (From Southern Netherlands )

 St. Vitus (from Germany)

 Sirop de Picon (from France)

 Suze (from France)

 Swedish bitters

 Torani brand Amer

 The Bitter Truth-Aromatic-,Orange-and Lemon Bitters (from Germany)

 Underberg (sometimes sold in health food stores, from Germany)

 Unicum (from Hungary)

 Wurzelpeter and Wurzelpeter Bitter Orange (from Germany)

 Zucco (from Italy)


Non-alcoholic Bitters include:


 Fanta Chinotto (made from Chinotto)


 Stirrings Blood Orange


Brands of Bitters
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