Latte Macchiato

In fact, a latte macchiato is nothing else than foamed milk, with an espresso poured in it. But the details are important: a good  macchiato is made of several layers, which should not run together.

The necessary tools should be available in every household: a flat pot, a whisk, a small can and a glass for the macchiato. You will pour hot milk in it and the glass should be thick enough for this. And, of course, you'll need the machine for the espresso.

The Foamed Milk

Pour the milk into a flat pot, stir properly with a whisk while softly heating up the milk. In little more than a minute you'll get a really fine milk foam. The foam should be wonderfully stable, even airy, with fine pores. Put this milk foam into the glass with a ladle. Fill the glass almost completely. Let the foam settle for a while. If you like it, you can thump the glass softly on the table, this will speed up the procedure.

If you're in hurry, put a little bit of the hot milk in the glass. If you like aromated Latte Macchiato, add the syrup to the hot milk.

The Espresso For The Latte Macchiato

Now it's time to make the espresso. A normal portion, the mini cup, is really enough. Never use coffee instead of espresso and don't use caffeine-free espresso. An error is, to put the aromated syrup to the espresso. The espresso will be more heavy than the milk and there will be no layers. Please use the espresso hot, don't let it cool.

Now pour the espresso into the glass, slowly. You can also use the back  of a spoon. This makes it easy to build layers.

If you like, you can spread cocoa powder over the latte macchiato. If you use hazelnut syrup, use ground hazelnuts; with chocolate syrup, use chocolate.The taste of latte macchiato can be embellished with Irish Cream Syrup and vanilla syrup. Please keep in mind to pour the syrup to the milk, not to the espresso.


Caramel Macchiato

This is another variation that is prepared in a number of ways by different coffee houses. The most common method is combining espresso, caramel and foamed milk, though some use steamed milk. Often, vanilla is added to provide extra flavour.

How to have it: You can add sugar, but taste it first, as it may be sweet enough as is.

Give it a twist: Drizzled with caramel sauce, of course. This highly addictive drink needs nothing else to make it a heavenly java experience.


A Latte Macchiato as you like it.

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